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Entertainment Ideas for Your Class Reunion

Entertainment Ideas for Your Class Reunion

Entertainment Ideas for Your Class Reunion

Planning a class reunion is a fun and exciting way to reconnect with old friends and classmates. It can also be a daunting task. To make the reunion a success, here is a guide to help you plan the perfect event.

Things to Do to Plan Your Class Reunion

1. Set a date. Choose a date that works best for the majority of your classmates.

2. Secure a venue. Find a venue that can accommodate your reunion size and activities.

3. Create a budget and gather sponsorships. Determine the costs associated with the reunion and look for sponsorships or donations to cover costs.

4. Contact classmates. Reach out to classmates to spread the word and get them to attend.

5. Plan activities. Choose activities that will appeal to your classmates.

6. Hire entertainment. Hire a band, DJ, or other entertainment to make the reunion even more fun.

7. Create a souvenir. Make a souvenir to commemorate the reunion.

8. Set up a website. Create a website to keep your classmates up to date on the reunion details.

9. Send out invitations. Send out invitations to classmates to ensure they get the details.

10. Follow up with classmates. Follow up with classmates to make sure they are coming and to answer any questions they might have.

Looking for a Theme for Your Class Reunion?

Here are a few fun ideas!

1. Throwback. Choose a classic theme from the era when your class graduated.

2. Retro. Choose a retro theme from a different era.

3. Music. Choose a theme based on a specific type of music.

4. Movie. Choose a theme based on a popular movie from the era.

5. Color. Choose a color theme for the reunion.

6. Carnival. Have a carnival-themed reunion with games and activities.

7. Beach. Have a beach-themed reunion with beach-inspired decorations and activities.

8. Sports. Choose a sports-themed reunion with sports-inspired activities.

9. Decade. Choose a decade-themed reunion and dress in clothing from that decade.

10. Masquerade. Have a masquerade-themed reunion with masks and costumes.

Check out these FUN Ideas for Entertainment at Your Class Reunion

1. Dance the Night Away: Hire a DJ or a band to play music from the era and get everyone on the dance floor.

2. Karaoke: Have a karaoke machine and encourage everyone to sing a few songs from their high school days.

3. Flashback Fashion Show: Ask everyone to dress in the same style as they did in high school. Have a fashion show and award prizes for the best dressed.

4. Reunion Games: Play classic games like tug-of-war, three-legged race, and egg toss.

5. Video Time: Create a slideshow with old class photos and videos of your old activities.

6. Memory Lane: Set up stations where people can reminisce about old times. Ask the class for old photos, letters, and other memorabilia to display.

7. Class Trivia: Create a trivia game based on the class’s history and let everyone compete for prizes.

8. Yearbook Signing: Bring copies of the old yearbooks and ask everyone to sign each other’s books.

We’ve provided you with tons of great information and tips necessary to plan a successful and memorable class reunion. With careful planning and attention to detail, you can create a fun and enjoyable event that will bring your classmates together and create lasting memories. So why wait? Start planning your class reunion party today!